3D Bug Remover

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3D Bug Remover is professional grade cleanser fortified with advanced enzymes that break the bond organic matter protein has with your paint – namely, bug and insect remains. Allowing bugs to remain on your paint can cause a whole world of issues (including etching, clear coat damage – sometimes irreparable), so you need to remove them as quickly as possible. 3D Bug Remover is the perfect way to make that happen! 3D Bug Remover features:
• Specialized Enzyme Cleaner – 3D Bug Remover is fortified with specific cleaners that help break down the proteins found in bug remains. This makes removing those bug bodies as easy as spraying or wiping off! • Multi-Surface Use – Safe for use on all painted surfaces, glass, and plastic, 3D Bug Remover is ideal as an emergency stash kept in your car – you never know when those bugs will hit! Directions for use:
• Do not apply onto a hot surface or in direct sunlight.
• Spray 3D Bug Remover onto the surface and allow to dwell for approximately 1 minute. For heavy contamination, agitate the surface with a paint safe brush to aid in removal.
• Once all bugs are removed, clean the area with a car wash or waterless wash to remove any excess product. 16 oz.
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