3D AAT Finishing Polish 32 oz.

Item Description:

3D AAT Finishing Polish is a fine finishing polish that will leave your paint looking smooth, glossy, and defect-free. This body shop safe formula contains no fillers and easily erases light swirl marks and haze leaving nothing but a flawless finish behind. 3D AAT Finishing Polish is so easy to work with, it will quickly become your favorite!

If you’ve ever polished a vehicle with soft paint, than you’re well aware of how challenging it can be to achieve a prefect finish on such a finicky surface. And extremely hard paint systems are no picnic either! 3D AAT Finishing Polish contains Adaptive Abrasive Technology (AAT) making it perfect for use on all paint systems – hard and soft – providing awesome results every time!

3D AAT Finishing Polish provides incredible results, and 3D is so confident they’re willing to state that 3D AAT Finishing Polish can finish hologram free when used with a soft foam finishing pad on a rotary polisher! Once you’ve polished the finish to perfection, don’t worry about cleanup because 3D AAT Finishing Polish wipes off easily, leaving nothing behind but a mirror finish – not streaks, smears, or gunky buildup on your microfiber either! 3D AAT Finishing Polish makes it easy to achieve breathtaking results!

32 oz.

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