303 Leather Conditioner - 16 oz.

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Conditions and protects leather surfaces

Prevents cracking and fading

Up to 30 days of UV protection

Safe for use on finished and unfinished leather surfaces

A leather conditioner set to exceed your expectations!

303 Leather Conditioner is a simple and effective approach for preserving your leather finishes. Designed as step two after cleaning with 303 Leather Cleaner, 303 Leather Conditioner softens and protects both finished and unfinished leather surfaces. Each application of 303 Leather Conditioner leaves a durable layer of UV protection that lasts for up to 30 days. Along with UV inhibitors, 303 Leather Conditioner leaves a hydrophobic layer of protection to defend against spills and other physical contamination.

CONDITIONS! Refreshes and softens all leather surfaces.
303 Leather Conditioner is a true leather conditioner designed to restore that soft and supple feeling. 303 Leather Conditioner helps prevent aging and cracking by restoring the flexibility of your leather surfaces.

PROTECTS! Shields your leather from contamination and UV damage.
303 Leather Conditioner does more than just condition your leather, it protects against harmful UV damage for a full 30 days. Powerful UV inhibitors combined with a durable hydrophobic layer will provide protection from whatever comes its way!

SAFE! Conditions and protects both finished and unfinished leather surfaces.
303 Leather Conditioner is a safe choice for both your finished and unfinished leather surfaces. Formulated without the use of harsh or aggressive chemical components, 303 uses advanced chemistry to provide a safer alternative for leather protection.


  • Shake product well before using
  • Use only on a clean, dry surface
  • For best results, use 303 Leather Cleaner to clean the leather.
  • Spray product directly onto desired surface or microfiber towel and work into surface.
  • Be sure to treat entire surface for an even layer of protection and to prevent uneven coloring (especially with unfinished leather).
  • Wipe any excess product off surface with a clean, dry microfi­ber towel.

15.5 oz.

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