303 Leather Cleaner - 16 oz.

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Cleanse tough stains with ease

Prepares the surface for conditioner or protectant

Safe for use on finished and unfinished leathers

Derived from natural components


Clean and prep in one easy step!

303 Leather Cleaner is your first step to better leather care. This powerful cleaner easily removes tough stains that have worked their way into all of your leather surfaces. 303 Leather Cleaner wields strong cleaning power while still remaining safe for finished and unfinished leathers. 303 achieved this by creating a formulation derived from natural components. This unique approach delivers a fresh, residue-free clean thatís prepped and ready to be conditioned.

POWERFUL! Cleans stubborn stains without leaving residue behind!
303 Leather Cleaner is packed with powerful cleaners to take on neglected and stained leather surfaces. The formula works quickly to lift out staining from a variety of natural and unnatural contamination while leaving a fresh, residue-free finish.

SAFE! Perfect for use on finished and unfinished leathers!
303 Leather Cleaner was created as a safe yet powerful cleaning option for both finished and unfinished leathers. Using its pH neutral, naturally based formula, 303 Leather Cleaner cleans neglected leather and prepares them for application of 303 Leather Conditioner.

NATURAL! No complex chemical compounds here!
To keep this product safe for finished and unfinished leather, 303 took a more unconventional approach to this formula. Derived from all-natural components, the specialized cleaning agents in 303 Leather Cleaner cut through tough stains and contamination without the usual harsh chemicals.


  • Shake product well before using.
  • Spray product onto a clean microfiber towel or directly onto leather surface, using a crisscross pattern to ensure that the entire surface is covered.
  • Agitate with a clean microfiber towel, or soft bristled, leather safe brush until dirt and/or stains are removed.
  • Use an additional, clean microfiber towel to remove any excess product.
  • Allow surface to dry.
  • Once dry, follow with 303 Leather Conditioner.

15.5 oz.

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