303 Wheel Cleaner - 15.5 oz.

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Cut through brake dust with 303!

303 Wheel Cleaner is yet another innovative solution from the chemists over at 303, and your solution to heavy brake dust deposits. Many wheel cleaners use harsh cleaning agents and acidic components to break the bond of brake dust. 303 Wheel Cleaner just destroys it. Built in decontamination agents start breaking down brake dust and iron deposits in just a few minutes. Eliminating the need for heavy agitation which can also lead to a scratched finish. The non-corrosive formula is so safe, it could double as a paint decontamination spray!

DESTROYS BRAKE DUST! Don't settle for scrubbing, 303 dissolves brake dust on contact!
When it comes to stubborn, baked on brake dust, you need the power of 303 Wheel Cleaner. Developed with built in decontamination agents, 303 Wheel Cleaner dissolves brake dust right in front of your eyes! As 303 Wheel Cleaner starts to work, you'll see it start to turn purple. This is the chemical reaction to iron contamination. Depending on how much contamination your wheels have will be how much the color changes. No color change simply means you've been keeping up on your wheel care!

NON-CORROSIVE! Clean off brake dust without cleaning off the finish on your wheel!
To ensure 303 Wheel Cleaner would be safe for every type of wheel, it was formulated without harsh additives or corrosive compounds. While this presented some challenges to the chemists that make these things happen, we are all grateful of those accomplishments! 303 Wheel Cleaner is safe to use on you daily diver, work truck, and even your garage queen!

DOUBLE DUTY! Got iron deposits stuck in your paint? Spray it down with 303 Wheel Cleaner!
When we say 303 Wheel Cleaner is safe; we mean it. The formulation of 303 Wheel Cleaner is so safe, you can use it to decontaminate your paint! Spray 303 Wheel Cleaner right onto your paint and allow it for it to dwell for a few minutes. Once you see the color change happen, rinse it off and reach for you favorite paint protectant. Something like the 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating!


  • Shake product well before using.
  • For best results, use when wheels or rims are cool to the touch.
  • Rinse wheel with hose, then spray product directly onto wheel, and let it sit for 2 minutes.
  • After 2 minutes, use a wheel cleaning tool to clean and agitate product on wheel surface, then rinse wheel thoroughly.
  • If any residue remains, repeat the steps as necessary.
  • To use as a paint decontamination spray: Wash car, and dry surface.
  • Spray surface with 303 Wheel Cleaner, and let product sit for 5 minutes.
  • The product should turn to a purple tone as it removes iron and other contaminates from the surface.
  • Once this is done, rinse, and wash your car again to remove the product from the surface.
  • You can then follow up with clay barring, correction, and protection as you wish.

15.5 oz.

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