Lake Country 3 1/4 Inch Thin Foamed Wool Pad (2-Pack)

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Spot polishing and isolated scratch removal made easy!

Short nap, dense wool cutting pad for aggressive polishing

Optimized for the tight orbits of dual-action polishers

Creates a smooth buffing feel on rotary polishers

The Lake Country 3 ¼ Inch Thin Foamed Wool Pad is a heavy-cut pad optimized for use on a dual-action polisher. The Thin Foamed Wool Pads feature patented nanofoam particles at the base of the wool fibers allowing for maximum cut throughout the polishing cycle while minimizing heat transfer and preventing matting or tangling. Lake County Thin Foamed Wool Pads work great on rotary polishers as well.

Armed densely-packed, short-nap wool fibers, the Lake Country 3 ¼ Inch Thin Foamed Wool Pad gives dual-action polishers such as the Porter Cable 7424 XP, and Griot’s Garage 3 Inch Random Orbital Polisher a powerful polishing action that can quickly level severe defects. Wool pads have traditionally been used for heavy-duty polishing on rotary style polishers, but have some drawbacks when used with orbital machines. The wool is often too long and much of the orbital action is absorbed as the wool twists and tangles on itself.

Lake Country Thin Foamed Wool Pads feature a short-nap wool fiber that works perfectly with the orbital action of a dual-action polisher. Instead of laying flat and twisting, the short-nap wool produces an ideal level of cutting action. The densely-packed wool has a large surface area, allowing more polish to work at once, reducing polishing time. The patented nanofoam base works with the short nap, dense design keeps the wool fibers working through out the buffing cycle so you get results, fast.

Aggressive polishing creates friction, which in turn creates heat. Not only can excessive heat damage your paint, but it is the leading cause of backing plate failure. The Lake Country Thin Foamed Wool Pads promote airflow around and in between their wool fibers which whisks heat away and produces a smooth, cool polishing action. Use the Lake Country 3 ¼ Thin Foamed Wool Pad on a Lake Country Flexible 3 inch DA Backing Plate and your favorite aggressive polish or compound to make quick work of severe paint defects.

Because the tightly packed, short-nap wool fibers create a cushion between the paint and the machine, rotary polisher users will love these pads as well. The Lake Country 3 ¼ Thin Foamed Wool Pad produces an incredibly smooth polishing action that gives the user the ultimate in control. And because there is almost no fiber overhang, these pads allow the user to polish tight areas with complete confidence such as up to and around emblems, lights, mirror housings and more. Mount these pads to a Lake Country 2 7/8 inch Rotary Flexible Backing Plate.

Unlike rough twisted-wool pads or aggressive open-celled foam pads, the Lake Country Thin Foamed Wool Pads features a soft wool fiber that produces a heavy cutting action while maintaining a high-gloss finish. Combined with the anti-matting ability of the nanofoam particles, the Lake Country Thin Foamed Wool Pads will finish like a foam polishing pad.

Made in the USA.
2 Pack

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By Michael
Works great
February 12, 2020
I bought these to polish with an AIO. They left no maring on the paint, and didn't leave any wool lint.
By D B.
Excellent Pads
February 6, 2016
I bought these specifically to use with the DP All In One Headlight Polish. These worked perfectly with the polish and the pads cleaned the yellow haze off the headlights very easily.
ProsEasy to use with a 3" drill adapter backing plate. Easy to wash and rinse Should last a long time
By Cal
Denver, CO
Great product
June 26, 2015
Worked well with the DP lens kit
March 21, 2015
i love these little pads. I've used them on both my rotary and my DA. They offer great correction ability on either machine and they perform exceptionally well on the rotary with the new generation of compounds that are designed to be used at lower RPM's with longer working times. They work great on headlights with Menzerna FG400 after you wet sand the lenses. Then I move to a foam pad and a finer polish before applying the sealant. These pads are also perfect for doing spot repairs to panels that otherwise don't need to be compounded. I use them for repairing etchings caused by bird droppings or insect splatters. The quality is very high and I have had no problems with them shedding or falling apart, but I've also never spun them over 1,500 RPM as the compounds I use don't require higher speeds. I generally run them between 900 and 1200 RPM on the rotary and speed setting 5 or 6 for maximum cutting on the Porter Cable 7427XP. That seems to be the sweet spot for these pads on each machine and that's how I use them. I can make anything come apart and throw fuzz if I spin it at 3000 RPM or bog it down with too much polish allowing it to build up too much heat, or if the Velcro on your backing plate is past its useful life. If you keep it clean as you work and pay attention to what you're doing, you will have no problem with these pads. I've been using them since they were released and I still have the first set of 2 I bought. And I still use them.
ProsOffers great cut and correction ability Perfect size for headlights and bumpers
By Shane
Canton, MI
Great pad
September 6, 2014
Works great for headlight restorations as well as spot buffing. I actually like the fact that they don't have much backing to them. The wool tends to mat down a bit but its easily fluffed back up with a brush
ProsMinimal backing material cut very well
Consrun them too fast and they start to lose some of their fuzz everywhere
By Michael
Headlight Restorations
April 29, 2014
I use these for headlight restorations and they get the job done well.
ProsGreat cutting ability
ConsFell apart with too much heat