Lake Country 3.5 Inch Flat Foam Pads

Lake Country 3.5 Inch Flat Foam Pads

Lake Country 3.5 Inch Flat Foam Pads

Lake Country 3.5 inch Flat Foam Pads are constructed of unique urethane foam formulations that outperform and outlast other foam pads on the market. These flat foam pads provide full surface contact with the paint to ensure optimum coverage of products.

Each pad has a curved edge to allow an easier transition from flat to vertical surfaces. Hook and loop fasteners cover the entire back of each pad to provide a secure hold on the backing plate.

Lake Country 3.5 inch Flat Foam Pads are smaller than the typical 4, 5.5 and 6.5 inch dual action foam pads. The compact size of these pads is preferred by some users who want more correction ability on harder paints. Slimmer, smaller pads are more agile on a dual action polisher and can give the operator more control.

We suggest using these smaller pads with a dual action polisher equipped with a 3 inch flexible backing plate.

  • Yellow Cutting 3.5 inch Flat Foam Pad
    Use this pad to apply compounds or polishes to remove severe oxidation, swirls, and scratches. It is the most aggressive and should only be used on oxidized and older finishes. Always follow this pad with an orange or white pad and a fine polish to refine the paint until it is smooth.
  • Orange Light Cutting 3.5 inch Flat Foam Pad
    Firm, high density foam for scratch and defect removal. Use this pad with polishes and swirl removers. It's an all around pad that will work on most light to moderate imperfections.
  • White Heavy Polishing 3.5 inch Flat Foam Pad
    Less dense foam formula for the application of waxes, micro-fine polishes and sealants. This pad has very light cutting power so its perfect for pre-wax cleaners.
  • Green Polishing/AIO 3.5 inch Flat Foam Pad
    Use this foam to apply one-step cleaner waxes. It is a balance of polishing and finishing that is perfect for all-in-one product application.
  • Blue Light Polishing 3.5 inch Flat Foam Pad
    This pad is not as dense as the green polishing pad and provides little cutting ability. Generally used to polish to perfect, this pad will leave a high shine on the surface. Perfect for use with a finishing glaze, last-step polish, and some all-in-one cleaner polishes.
  • Black Finishing 3.5 inch Flat Foam Pad
    Composition is firm enough to withstand added pressure during final finishing to remove buffer swirls. It has no cut and will apply thin, even coats of waxes, sealants, and glazes.

Clean pads using BLACKFIRE Citrus Pad Cleaner. It's a concentrate that breaks up residues in the pad and rinses clean.

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