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1Z Einszett Polish Wax

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Item Description:

1Z Einszett Polish Wax is an excellent choice for all types of paint finishes, but was specifically formulated for polishing the modern clear coat finish.

Enhances paint depth and shine to new finishes.

Ideal for preparing paint finish prior to car show.

Quickly clean, condition and protect the paint in one step.

1Z Einszett Polish Wax is an excellent choice for all new cars and paintwork in excellent condition. 1Z Einszett Polish Wax has just enough polishing action to treat minor surface conditions, including light water spots, swirl marks and slight scratches.

You'll love 1Z Einszett Polish Wax Polish's cleaning action, which safely dissolves the toughest surface grime. 1Z Einszett Polish Wax Polish's special paint conditioners produce unmatched depth and gloss that enhances the natural beauty of your paintwork.

Application: Hand, Dual-Action Polisher, Rotary Buffer

16.9 fl oz (500 ml). Imported from Germany.

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1Z Einszett Polish Wax