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Wolf's Chemicals Rim Shield Nano Wheel Sealant 150 ml.

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Item Description:

Give your wheels long-lasting protection and a brilliant shine

Advanced nano sealant forms a semi-permanent coating

Provides extreme protection for all wheel surfaces

Long-lasting formula that resists surface scratching

Wolf's Chemicals Rim Shield Nano Wheel Sealant protects your wheels with a hard, glass-like coating that offers long-lasting protection. Wolf's Chemicals Rim Shield Nano Wheel Sealant gives your wheels a bright, high-gloss shine which is ideal for daily drivers and show cars alike. Wolf's Chemicals Rim Shield Nano Wheel Sealant prevents brake dust from bonding to the wheel and is highly water-repellent to make future cleaning easy as well.

Do not let the high-gloss shine trick you, “Rim Shield” gives your wheels extreme protection. This coating is made with nano-sized, glass-like solid matter that will crystallize when cured. Under a microscope, Wolf's Chemicals Rim Shield Nano Wheel Sealant will have an extremely fine surface topography (texture) similar to shark skin or a lotus plant. Wheels treated with “Rim Shield will become Super Hydrophobic and extremely water repellent. This creates a self-cleaning effect that helps carry away fresh brake dust and dirt when exposed to water.

The intense water beading effect is just one of the many protective benefits. Wolf’s Chemicals Rim Shield Nano Wheel Sealant is highly resistant to chemicals including most wheel cleaning acids and detergents. Caustic brake dust will have a difficult time penetrating the durable protective shell. Road pitch, tar, and brake dust will wash away easily. Rim Shield” works on the nano scale to create a tightly packed molecular shield and is highly resistant to the high temperatures of braking systems.

Wolf's Chemicals Rim Shield Nano Wheel Sealant is safe for all wheel surfaces including polished aluminum, anodized, chrome, factory painted, and powder coated. The glass-like crystals create a smooth surface with maximum reflectivity. Because Wolf's Chemicals Rim Shield Nano Wheel Sealant is chemically resistant, you can use wheel cleaners to remove brake dust. However, the nearly impenetrable surface will often need little more than soap and water to clean.

  1. Wash and dry vehicle thoroughly. It is recommended to clean with Wolf's Chemicals Deironizer to remove any embedded iron contaminates and completely eradicate brake dust deposits.
  2. Wipe the wheels with Gtechniq Panel Wipe, CarPro Eraser or diluted isopropyl alcohol to remove any residues
  3. Apply Wolf's Chemicals Rim Shield Nano Wheel Sealant with a clean cotton or foam applicator. For best results, apply with firm pressure, being sure to overlap for uniform coverage.
  4. Allow to dry for 10 minutes, then remove with a damp microfiber towel or by washing.
  5. For maximum coverage, allow product to cure for 3 hours and then apply a second coat following steps 4 and 5.

Note: Do not apply in temperatures below 52 degrees F or to a hot surface in direct sunlight.

Maintenance: Wolf's Chemicals Rim Shield Nano Wheel Sealant creates a slight surface texture that can only be detected under intense magnification. This slight texture is what gives “Rim Shield” such amazing water and brake dust repellency. Using soaps with gloss enhancers will coat over this texture and temporarily reduce "Rim Shield’s” ability to resist water and shed brake dust. For the best results, wash using Wolf's Chemicals Nano Shampoo or Wolf's Chemicals "Mean Green" Wash & Wipe. To reinvigorate the shine, use Wolf's Chemicals Nano Quick Detailer.

150 ml.
Made in Budapest, Hungary

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Wolf's Chemicals Rim Shield Nano Wheel Sealant 150 ml.