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Wolf's Chemicals “Quickie” Quick Detailer 500 ml.

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Item Description:

Mist and wipe your way to a high-gloss shine!

Remove dust, finger prints, and smudges without scratching

Increases the gloss and protection of paint

Made with Brazilian carnauba wax

Wolf's Chemicals “Quickie” Quick Detailer is a spray wax and instant detailer combined into an easy-to-use formula. In just minutes you can add a deep, wet-look shine to give your vehicle a “just detailed” look. Wolf's Chemicals “Quickie” Quick Detailer uses Brazilian carnauba wax to add shine and protection to your paint, while special lubricants safely encapsulate and remove dust, light dirt, finger prints, and greasy smudges.

Each mist of Wolf's Chemicals “Quickie” Quick Detailer coats your vehicle with carnauba wax. Considered one of the best looking waxes in the world, carnauba wax gives your paint a layer of protection against acid rain, bird bombs, insect remains, and industrial fallout. Additionally, carnauba wax swells when exposed to moisture, which provides outstanding water beading and water sheeting properties.

The High-slip lubricants in Wolf's Chemicals “Quickie” Quick Detailer engulf dust, road pitch, and greasy smudges allowing them to be wiped off the paint without scratching. Even fresh bug splatter or bird bombs are no match for this products cleaning power. Keep a bottle of Wolf's Chemicals “Quickie” Quick Detailer in your trunk to ensure your paint is always looking its best.

  1. Do not apply “Quickie” to heavily soiled surfaces or in direct sunlight. Apply it to clean or lightly soiled surfaces only. It can be used on lightly wet paint as a drying aid.
  2. Lightly mist “Quickie” onto the section of paint and spread with a soft, clean microfiber towel such as a Supreme 530. Flip towel to a clean side often when working on soiled surfaces.
  3. Allow the carnauba ingredients to haze (2 to 5 minutes) then remove residue with a separate, clean microfiber towel.
Technical Tip: Use Wolf's Chemicals “Quickie” Quick Detailer on surfaces protected with carnauba wax or a traditional paint sealant. The natural carnauba wax will coat over the microfiber fine surface of Wolf's Chemicals Body Wrap Nano Paint Coating or Hard Body Nano Coating. Wolf's Chemicals “Quickie” Quick Detailer can also be used as a drying aid after washing to prevent water spots, increase shine, and enhance protection. After rinsing, spray “Quickie” in a light even coat over the entire surface and dry with a microfiber drying towel such as a Supreme Guzzler Waffle Weave Microfiber Drying Towel.

500 ml. Trigger Spray
Made in Budapest, Hungary

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Product Reviews

Wolf's Chemicals “Quickie” Quick Detailer 500 ml.
3 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Steven P.
Cleveland, Ohio
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Wolf's "Quickie"
July 10, 2014
Stuff smells soapy and seems ok. Worth a try. It cleans off water spots and dust and seems just as good as any other brand.
Wolf face on label.
Pricey. Needs to be at cheaper at local stores then I would buy being Hungarian American.