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Wolf's “The Mask” Spray On Protection 500 ml.

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Item Description:

Coats your vehicle in a bug, chip, and scratch-resistant film

Ideal solution to protect your vehicle from airborne objects

Dries to thick, invisible shell over your paint

Offers many protective benefits

Wolf's “The Mask” Spray On Protection is one of the most innovative products for paint care on the market today. This unique spray-on film dries to a thick, hard, protective shell that seals the paint under an invisible film of protection. Wolf's “The Mask” Spray On Protection forms a film that is strong enough to resist sand blasting and minor rock chips! Wolf's “The Mask” Spray On Protection is the ultimate protectant for road trips, mechanic visits, track days, and more!

Wolf's “The Mask” Spray On Protection prevents objects from contacting and damaging your paint. Acid rain and bird bombs will be held onto of the film, away from the paint. Acidic bug splatter will not penetrate the film. Wolf's “The Mask” Spray On Protection also provides protection against abrasion, including sand blasting and minor rock chips. It is the ultimate in paint protection!

What really makes Wolf's “The Mask” Spray On Protection stand out is how easy it is to remove. To remove Wolf's “The Mask” Spray On Protection, simply rinse with a strong jet of water then wash normally. Any bird bombs, bug splatter and road tar that has landed onto of “The Mask” will wash away with it. Protecting your paint has never been easier and clean-up has never been simpler.

Do not apply Wolf's “The Mask” Spray On Protection to glass.

  1. Shake “The Mask” well before use.
  2. Thoroughly wash and dry surface to be protected.
  3. Spray “The Mask” liberally to the desired area using a spray bottle and leave to dry. Do not assist the product in any way while it is setting. It will dry clear and flat on its own.
  4. To remove, simply wash with soap and water. Reapply when necessary.

500 ml. Trigger Spray
Made in Budapest, Hungary

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Wolf's “The Mask” Spray On Protection 500 ml.