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Wolf's Chemicals Glass Guard Nano Glass Sealant 150 ml.

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Item Description:

Improve wet-weather visibility and make driving safer!

Long-lasting protective coating for exterior glass

Super-hydrophobic properties shed water above 25 mph

Make glass cleaning easier and prevents road film buildup

Wolf's Chemicals “Glass Guard” Nano Glass Sealant uses nano technology to form an invisible shield on your vehicle's exterior glass. This protective barrier is super hydrophobic or water fearing. Water from rainfall will pool into immensely small beads that blow off the glass at speeds as low as 25 miles per hour! Apply Wolf's Chemicals “Glass Guard” Nano Glass Sealant to all exterior glass to give yourself unobstructed view, in all directions, regardless of weather conditions.

Studies show that a clean windshield, which sheds water, can allow drivers to spot objects over a second faster at highway speeds. This second can reduce braking distances by more than 100 feet, making wet weather driving much safer. Wolf's Chemicals “Glass Guard” Nano Glass Sealant is not an oil based window dressing that streaks upon application and lasts a few rainstorms. It is a sealant that creates a semi-permanent coating on glass surfaces. It even withstands abrasion from windshield wiper blades.

While Wolf's Chemicals “Glass Guard” Nano Glass Sealant's super-hydrophobic properties offer a dramatic increase in wet-weather visibility, it also increases dry-weather vision as well. Road film, a combination of oils and unburned diesel fuel, can obstruct visibility on bright days or at night by increasing the glare of oncoming headlights. Unfortunately, cleaning road film from your windshield can be a frustrating experience as even tough cleaners smear it across the glass. Wolf's Chemicals “Glass Guard” Nano Glass Sealant prevents road film from sticking to the glass, allowing it do be rinse away during normal car washing.

Take a bite out of poor visibility with Wolf's Chemicals “Glass Guard” Nano Glass Sealant.

  1. Thoroughly clean the exterior glass which is to be treated. Clay or polish if necessary to remove any stubborn contamination.
  2. Apply a moderate amount of “Glass Guard” to a foam or microfiber applicator pad and firmly work into the glass a small section at a time.
  3. Once the entire glass surface has been covered, repeat the application until a solid haze can be seen over the entire area.
  4. Allow “Glass Guard” to stand for 10 to 15 minutes and remove using a clean microfiber towel. In some cases it may be necessary to lightly dampen the towel for complete removal.

Maintenance: Wolf's Chemicals “Glass Guard” Nano Glass Sealant creates a slight surface texture that can only be detected under intense magnification. This slight texture is what gives “"Glass Guard"” such amazing water repellency. Using soaps with gloss enhancers or repellent glass cleaners will coat over this texture and temporarily reduce "Glass Guard's” ability to shed brake dust. For the best results, wash using Wolf's Chemicals Nano Shampoo or Wolf's Chemicals "Mean Green" Wash & Wipe. For regular window cleaning, use Wolf's Chemicals Nano Quick Detailer.

150 ml.
Made in Budapest, Hungary

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Wolf's Chemicals Glass Guard Nano Glass Sealant 150 ml.