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Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze 500 ml.

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Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze gives your car the immense shine of highly polished paint. A select combination of carnauba wax, glazing oils, and acrylic polymers create a durable film on your paint that fills in paint defects and creates a level surface which reflects light intensely. Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze is your solution to perfect looking paint without the adverse effects or time associated with multiple-step machine polishing.

Level paint reflects more light. While multiple-step machine polishing re-levels your paint's surface to permanently remove paint defects and increase the shine, it takes considerable time and remove material. Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze is the quick and easy step to creating an highly-polished shine without overly thinning the paint. The selected ingredients in Nano Glaze lay on the surface and fill in the paint defects to reflect light evenly.

Unlike many glazes which are made from short-lived oils, Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze uses a combination of durable carnauba wax and long-lasting acrylic polymers. Not only do these ingredients add protection to the surface, but they maintain the highly- polished look longer. You can apply Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze by hand, with a dual-action polisher or with a rotary polisher.

500 ml.
Made in Hungary

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Wolf’s Chemicals Carnauba Glaze 500 ml.