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Wolf's Chemicals Body Wrap Nano Paint Coating 150 ml.

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Item Description:

It's a sealant, itís a coating, itís "Body Wrap"!

Advanced nano sealant forms a semi-permanent coating

Long lasting protection against the elements

Up to 18 months of durability

Wolf's Chemicals Body Wrap Nano Paint Coating is an advanced nano-based sealant that forms a semi-permanent coating on your paint. Wolf's Chemicals Body Wrap Nano Paint Coating provides the extreme protection and durability of a paint coating with the ease of application, shine, and water beading of a synthetic sealant. With up to 18 months of durability, "Body Wrap" keeps your paint shinning regardless of the season, climate, or environment.

The nano sized, glass-like molecules in Wolf's Chemicals Body Wrap Nano Paint Coating form a physical bond to your paint's structure to fortify it with outstanding protection. It forms a chemical resistant barrier that shields your paint against harsh acids and caustic alkalies. As it cures, the glass-like molecules crystallize giving the surface a microscopic texture similar to a lotus plant's leaves. Body Wrap will bead and shed water with such intensity that the paint will stay cleaner, for longer.

Wolf's Chemicals Body Wrap Nano Paint Coating shields your paint from the damaging effects of bug splatter and bird bombs, both of which have a hard time penetrating the chemically resistant coating. Body Wrap also provides outstanding protection against ultraviolet radiation reducing sun fade. Because of the tough physical bond, the only way to remove Wolf's Chemicals Body Wrap Nano Paint Coating is to abrade it off the surface by machine polishing. Chemical cleaners and harsh detergents will not work.

In addition to the excellent protection afforded by Wolf's Chemicals Body Wrap Nano Paint Coating, it gives paint a high-gloss, crystal-clear finish. If your car has a metallic paint job you will love the way Body Wrap intensifies the flake. The look of Body Wrap mimics the best characteristics of a paint sealant while providing the semi-permanent physical bonding of a paint coating. In most circumstances you can expect 18 months of shine and protection.

  1. Wash and dry vehicle thoroughly. Remove any rough feel or visible contamination using detailing clay or Wolf's Chemicals Deironizer.
  2. Wolf's Chemicals Body Wrap Nano Paint Coating is a semi-permanent coating that can last two years. Remove any surface imperfections by machine polishing until you are satisfied with the finish. Any swirl marks, scratches, or scars will be coated over after application.
  3. Wipe the paintwork with Gtechniq Panel Wipe, CarPro Eraser or diluted isopropyl alcohol to remove any residues
  4. Apply Wolf's Body Wrap Nano Coating with a clean cotton or foam applicator. For best results, apply in a criss-cross pattern to ensure uniform coverage.
  5. Allow to dry for 15 minutes, then remove with a clean microfiber towel.
  6. For maximum coverage, allow product to cure for 3 hours and then apply a second coat following steps 4 and 5.
Maintenance: Wolf's Chemicals Body Wrap Nano Paint Coating creates a slight surface texture that can only be detected under intense magnification. This slight texture is what gives "Body Wrap" such amazing water and dirt repellency. Using soaps with gloss enhancers, regular detail sprays, or car waxes will coat over this texture and temporarily reduce Body Wrap's ability to resist water and shed dirt. For the best results, wash using Wolf's Chemicals Nano Shampoo or Wolf's Chemicals Mean Green Wash & Wipe. To reinvigorate the shine, use Wolf's Chemicals Nano Quick Detailer.

Technical Tip: For maximum bonding and flawless application lightly polish the paint with Wolf's Chemicals Shine & Seal Nano Sealing Polish. This fine polish will eliminate fine swirl marks and seal the paint with nano particles that form the perfect foundation for Wolf's Chemicals "Body Wrap" Nano Paint Coating.

150 ml.
Made in Budapest, Hungry

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Wolf's Chemicals Body Wrap Nano Paint Coating 150 ml.