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3M Wheel Restoration System 39052

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Item Description:

The 3M Wheel Restoration System 39052 is an inclusive kit designed to remove road rash, scratches, and surface imperfections from standard, non-painted, non-clear coated wheels. This kit is designed to take the guesswork out of wheel restoration and allow the at home do-it-yourselfer to achieve professional quality results. Restore your wheels to a like-new appearance with the 3M Wheel Restoration System.

Your wheels take a beating! Not only are they supporting the weight of your car, but they are also subject to hazards from rocks, curbs, shopping carts, and more. Over time they will accumulate scratches, pits, dings, and worst of all, curb rash. The 3M Wheel Restoration System is an at-home alternative to costly wheel repair or expensive wheel replacement.

Like all of the 3M's at-home kits, the 3M Wheel Restoration System features precise directions that walk you through the process, step-by-step.

Kit Includes:
1 - Disc Pad Holder (PN 923)
1 - 3MTM Soft Interface Pad (PN 05771)
8 - 3MTM Gold Sanding Discs (PN 00913)
8 - 3MTM White Finishing Discs (PN 00909)
6 - 3MTM Purple Clean Sanding Discs (PN 30260)
2 - 3MTM TrizactTM Disc (PN 02087)
2 - 3MTM Rubbing Compound (PN 39005)
1 - Orange Buffing Pad (PN 03381NA)

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3M Wheel Restoration System 39052