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Wolf's Chemicals Deironizer Decon Gel 1 Liter

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Item Description:

Remove iron from above and below the surface!

Alternative to claying heavily soiled materials

Cleans stubborn brake dust without acids

Formula turns purple as it works

Wolf's Chemicals Deironizer Decon Gel is a paint decontamination spray that removes fallout, rail dust, and ferrous contaminates from your paint, wheels, windows and more! This is not a harsh acid, but rather a pH-balanced solution that neutralizes and dissolves the contamination so it can be rinsed away. Wolf's Chemicals Deironizer Decon Gel not only removes the stubborn contaminates that have attached to the surface, but it penetrates below the surface for the ultimate in deep cleaning.

Automotive paint contamination is a serious problem that robs your paint of its potential gloss, and more. Airborne pollution lands on your paint were it almost instantly attaches to the surface. It cannot be removed with regular washing. These contaminants give your paint a gritty texture that you can feel to the touch and interfere with the performance of any product you apply. Paint polishes will not perform adequacy and car waxes, synthetic sealants, and paint coatings will fail to bond properly when applied to contaminated paint. Wolf's Chemicals Deironizer Decon Gel dissolves the most common offender, iron oxidize, so it can be rinsed off the paint with little effort.

Wolf's Chemicals Deironizer Decon Gel does more than clean your paint! It also is extremely effective on neglected wheels. Your wheels are under attack from splintered iron residue from the the brake rotor. Overtime these iron splinters rust and become increasingly difficult to remove. In the not-so-distant past, harsh acids had to be used to remove stubborn brake residue, which could damage painted and polished wheel finishes. Wolf's Chemicals Deironizer Decon Gel breaks the bond between brake dust and your wheel while remaining pH neutral. It is the cleaning solution that is tough on brake dust yet safe and gentle for any wheel finish!

Wheel Application:
  1. Always work on wheels that are cool to the touch. Wolf's Chemicals Deironizer Decon Gel is safe for any wheel finish.
  2. Apply an even coat of Deironizer the wheel's face (spokes and center), behind the spokes, brake calipers, and wheel barrels.
  3. Allow “Derionizer” to work for 5 to 10 minutes. It will turn purple as it penetrates and dissolves the brake dust. Some agitation with a brush may be required.
  4. Thoroughly rinse all residue from the wheels.

Paint Application:
  1. Wash and dry vehicle thoroughly. Only use Deironizer on a cool surface out of direct sunlight.
  2. Spray Deironizer evenly onto the paint and then allow to sit.
  3. A damp wash mitt can be used to spread the product evenly and lightly agitate the surface.
  4. Allow “Derionizer” to work for 5 to 10 minutes. It will turn purple as it penetrates and dissolves the brake dust. Some agitation with a brush may be required. While not recommended, there is now harm in allowing the product to dry on the surface.
  5. Thoroughly rinse all residue from the surface.

Technical Tip: Wolf's Chemicals Deironizer Decon Gel is an effective paint decontamination spray that penetrates below the surface to completely eradicate stubborn metal fallout from your paint and wheels. When used on paint, it is often beneficial to use in conjunction with a detailing clay. Applying Deironizer will remove the metallic fallout, while the clay will remove the remaining trace contaminates made from air pollution and water spots. This combination significantly reduces the time required to clay and greatly prolongs the life of your clay bar.

1 Liter.
Made in Budapest, Hungary

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Product Reviews

Wolf's Chemicals Deironizer Decon Gel 1 Liter
4 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Does what it claims....
May 23, 2014
I've only used this decon gel on two newer cars, both 2014s. I have found it does exactly as it states, but I think because of how new the car's paint surfaces were, not much reaction occurred. Tried on a set of wheels with heavy brake dust, and it worked it's magic wonderfully. Let sit for at least 5 minutes, agitate with some wheel woollies and wheels came out looking brand new. This is my first time using a product from "Wolf's Chemicals" and overall happy with the purchase. Next time around, I think I will give another product a try for comparison.
Works on paint and wheels turns purple when reaction is working cheaper alternative to other more popular products
Absolutely the worst smell. Make sure you aren't down wind, and definitely use in a well ventilated area.