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ULTI-MIT Wheel Mitt

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The Lake Country ULTI-MIT Scrubber Wheel Mitt has dense, yellow foam that’s perfect for gently scrubbing wheels. The durable foam mitt is cut into foam cubes on one side. The channels between the cubes provide places for dirt to move away from the wheel finish. The ULTI-MIT's design also holds a lot of soapy water to provide ample lubrication to protect wheels from gritty particles.

The ULTI-MIT Scrubber Wheel Mitt safely cleans the wheel face and the foam tabs surround wire spokes to remove brake dust. The flexible foam mitt gives you great access between spokes. This yellow foam by Lake Country is not the same as their cutting foam. The ULTI-MIT Scrubber Wheel Mitt is safe on chrome, aluminum, clear coated and painted wheels.

For auto paint, try the ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt.

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ULTI-MIT Wheel Mitt