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Ultima Clean, Protect & Preserve Paint with Dual Action Polisher Kit

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Item Description:

The all-inclusive Ultima Dual Action Polisher Clean, Protect & Preserve Paint Kit has everything you need from washing to maintaining your car's paint.

The Ultima Paint Guard Wash with the Genuine Wool Mitt and Sonus Der Wunder Drying towel is the perfect combination to safely wash away the dirt and grime.

After you've washed the car, the Elastrofoam Paint Cleaning System is the next step to remove bonded surface contamination that is not removed by a simple wash. The Elastrofoam Paint Cleaning System is safe, easy to use and replaces your normal detailing clay.

Ultima Paint Prep Plus is a versatile paint polish specially engineered for modern clear coat paint finishes. Apply Ultima Paint Prep Plus by machine to remove water etching, swirl and minor paint defects while enhancing the shine.

Ultima Paint Guard Plus is the longest lasting, clearest and easiest paint protection you can apply to your car. This product takes less than ten minutes to apply to a clean, dry vehicle. Simply apply and walk away. No buffing required and it will never leave build up in the cracks or turn your trim white. The Ultima Paint Guard Plus is also environmentally friendly!

To keep up that freshly detailed look, the Ultima Detail Spray Plus mist-and-wipe spray detailer offers an easy solution to regular car appearance care. Use Ultima Detail Spray Plus with the Ultima Autospa Buffing Towel everywhere to lightly clean, dust and enhance the Ultima shine. Use daily on paint, glass, plastic and wheels to maintain a "just detailed" look and cut down on time consuming washing.

Helps Prevent:
  • Dull Paint
  • Swirlmarks & oxidation
  • UV ray penetration
  • Environmental paint damage caused by tree sap, road grunge, bugs, road salt, bird droppings, pollen, and lots more.
  • Water spots & streaks

Kit Contents:

Application Instructions

Application Instructions

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Ultima Clean, Protect & Preserve Paint with Dual Action Polisher Kit