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DAS SwirlBusterTM Swirl Removal Polishing Pad

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Item Description:

The DAS SwirlBusterTM Swirl Removal Polishing Foam Pad Pad blasts through swirl marks and oxidation like nothing you’ve ever seen. Use with your favorite “swirl remover” car polish on the Ultimate Detailing Machine XP by Porter Cable or Porter Cable 7424 car polisher to knock out stubborn swirl marks and bring your car’s paint back to its full shine potential.

The DAS SwirlBuster polishing pad cuts like a light compounding pad, yet polishes out to a flawless finish. Depending on the cut of the polish you use, the DAS SwirlBusterTM Swirl Removal Polishing Pad can aggressively remove swirls and other minor imperfections or bring back the full gloss potential of your car’s paint.

The exclusive DAS Polish Pocket™ allows you to load more polish on the pad for longer polishing without polish sling. You and your car stay clean, avoiding a lengthy cleanup after polishing.

To remove more severe clear coat damage, including minor scratches and water spot damage, spot treat first using the DAS ScratchBuster Pad.

Backing plate: 4.75" to 5.75" (4.75" recommended)

Diameter: 6"

Thickness: 1.25"

Polish: Use a swirl remover polish to remove swirl marks, oxidation and minor insect/bird damage.

One VelcroTM Backed Foam Polishing Pad

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DAS SwirlBusterTM Swirl Removal Polishing Pad