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TUF SHINE Spray & Shine 22 oz.

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Item Description:

TUF SHINE Spray & Shine is the next generation of quick detailer products. TUF SHINE Spray & Shine provides one of the slickest feeling finishes available and has been tested against most major brands. Spray & Shine is an anti-static coating that enhances the gloss and shine of your paint in just minutes. It will level out imperfections in the clear coat to give your paint a noticeable sparkle. TUF SHINE Spray & Shine cures and bonds to the surface, providing a more durable finish.

The lubricating formula and other cleaning agents in TUF SHINE Spray & Shine remove light dust, bug splatters, fingerprints, tar, and bird droppings. These same lubricating agents then leave a smooth, glossy, protective film on the surface. If your vehicle is excessively dirty, it is recommended that you wash the vehicle first.

TUF SHINE Spray & Shine is not just an excellent cleaner, but also an outstanding protectant. It provides an outstanding shine while the superior protectants repel rain and snow, leaving that just waxed look. TUF SHINE Spray & Shine will provide protection that will last 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how your vehicle is store, weather conditions, and how the car is washed. It is not a direct replacement for regular wax, but it will extend the time period between wax jobs.

Application Instructions:

  1. Shake bottle well before use
  2. Mist directly onto the panel to remove light dust, smudges, grease, fingerprints, and more
  3. Wipe with one side of a folded soft microfiber towel to spread. Flip towel over and buff to a streak-free, high-gloss shine.

22 oz. Trigger Spray

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TUF SHINE Spray & Shine 22 oz.