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Tornador Blastor Vacuum Attachment TB-017

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Item Description:

Super charge your vacuum with the suction of a tornado!

Fits standard vacuums to dramatically increase cleaning power

Lift dirt, grime, and soil from deep in the carpets pile

Low weight, ergonomic design

We have all vigorously rubbed a vacuum nozzle over carpet, trying in vain to remove stubborn dirt and grime in frustration. Let no more sweat fall from your brow and keep your blood pressure in check with the Tornador TB-017 Blastor Vacuum Attachment. This ingenious tool fits to the hose of most standard vacuums to supercharge cleaning performance and quickly eliminate the stubborn soil. A powerful, tornado-like cyclone of air is injected deep into the carpet's pile to loosen particulate and grit so that your vacuum can extract it completely.

If you have ever watched a detailer deep clean carpet, you may notice they brush the carpet vigorously or blast it with compressed air. You may have even beat a carpet or rug against the side of your house. Dirt and grime hide deep with in the carpet's pile and become entangled. By agitating the carpet, much of the dirt is released so that it can be vacuumed completely. The Tornador TB-017 Blastor Vacuum Attachment attaches to the hose of a vacuum and blasts the area with a cyclone of air that instantaneously releases the carpet's hold and allows it to be sucked away.

The Tornador TB-017 Blastor Vacuum Attachment comes with three different sized hose adapters to fit almost any vacuum cleaner. After fitting over the hose, hook the Tornador TB-017 Blastor Vacuum Attachment to an air compressor that delivers 60-90 psi of air and you are ready to clean carpets in one easy step. The Tornador TB-017 Blastor Vacuum Attachment comes with a wide mouth nozzle for vacuuming large areas and a small crevice nozzle for accessing tighter areas. Once your Blastor is hooked up, a simple flip of a switch super charges your vacuum cleaning and turns into in a dry extractor as Tornador's rotational pulse technology breaks dirt and grime out of the carpet.

Not only does the Tornador TB-017 Blastor Vacuum Attachment allow your vacuum to remove dirt and grime from deep in the carpet, but it allows you to do it one quick step. If you are a professional detailer you will appreciate the time savings and increase in potential revenue. If you are an enthusiast you will be in awe of the powerful cleaning action this machine produces. Don't just vacuum your carpets, blast them with a tornado with the Tornador TB-017 Blastor Vacuum Attachment.

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Product Reviews

Tornador Blastor Vacuum Attachment TB-017
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Alexandria, Louisiana
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

great tool
July 3, 2014
Its a wonderful tool, but is NOT the end all to sand and pet hair. It does work fairly well at dislodging debris from carpet put pet hair and sand is still a challenge.
sand and pet hair is a challenge

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