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Tire & Wheel Care

1. I damaged my alloy wheels, what can I do?

See Repairing Damaged Alloy Wheels.

2. I'm a fanatic about my wheels, how do I keep them looking perfect?

See How-to Detail Tires & Wheels.

3. What is the best protection for my tires and wheels?

In 2007 a new product was introduced setting a new standard for tire, trim and wheel care. Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus is the first clear sealant for tires and wheels or all kinds.

Once applied your tires will no longer turn brown, they will stay dark and black for months, and your wheels will no longer require harsh cleaners to remove brake dust. Your normal wash water will do.

4. How do I keep my tires from turning brown?

Your tires turn brown because they are oxidizing. To prevent oxidation, your tires need to be sealed. Typical tire dressing will not stop oxidation; they simply cover it up.