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DP Speedy Surface Prep Towel Combo - Fine Grade

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Item Description:

The professional choice for fast paint decontamination.

Remove bonded surface contamination quickly

Easy to use with less effort

Spend less time cleaning paint

Professional detailers know that time is money and the secret to a mile-deep shine is surface prep. The Detailer's Speedy Surface Prep Combo gives you the ability to decontaminate paint in record time with minimal effort so you can spend more time making money. Professional detailers are not the only ones who can take advantage of this amazing technology, enthusiasts will love the Speedy Surface Prep Towel's fast use and long lasting, washable design.

The Detailer's Speedy Surface Prep Combo includes:

The Speedy Surface Prep Towel removes above surface contaminants such as bugs, tar and over spraySpeedy Surface Prep Towel - Fine Grade
The Speedy Surface Prep Towel is a soft microfiber towel coated with advanced polymerized rubber technology that works like detailing clay. It quickly removes bonded contamination. Bonded contamination is anything that remains on the surface after your paint has been washes. Rail dust, paint over spray, brake dust, industrial pollution and environmental fall out adhere to the paint's surface. This contamination reduces shine by creating a film on the paint and lessens your wax or paint sealant's ability to bond to.

Detailer's Universal Clay Lubricant, 32 oz.
Detailer's Universal Clay Lubricant works well with all styles and forms of detailing clay including the Speedy Surface Prep Towel. This VOC compliant lubricant spray contains no gloss agents so you can see and feel the true results of the Speedy Surface Prep Towel.

Mist the surface with Detailer's Universal Clay Lubricant and wipe the Speedy Surface Prep towel, rubber side down, across the surface. As your work the towel across the surface you will feel it become smooth. Spray, wipe, and work a section at a time until your entire vehicle has a smooth as glass feel. If the Speedy Prep Towel becomes laden with contaminants, simply hose off and keep going. If you drop it on the ground, rinse away the grit, and continue using. We have heard reports of customers using the Speedy Prep Towel on 100 or more cars!

Compared to detailing clay the Speedy Surface Prep Towel will last much longer, up to 100 vehicles. It is also washable and reusable. This is a professional towel that offers fast removal of surface contamination. It may require subsequent light polishing on softer paint finishes. Always test an inconspicuous spot first. Safe to use on paint, glass, molding, plastic, and metal finishes. Get professional results in record time with the Detailer's Speedy Surface Prep Combo!

Speedy Surface Prep Towel - Fine Grade
32 oz. Detailer's Universal Clay Lubricant w/ trigger sprayer.

A total retail value of $74.98. Save $9.99!

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Product Reviews

DP Speedy Surface Prep Towel Combo - Fine Grade
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Steven P.
parma, Ohio
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Prep Towel
November 4, 2014
Whatever is in the towel gets car super smooth when sprayed on DP is used. The car shines even better and leafs glide off. Why do the neighbors waste time growing trees when they ought to detail their cars? I laugh at them now when I use the prep towel. It makes my car shiniest and cleanest on the block. I love washing the car and then using the prep towel for the car. I hope the neighbors realize they are missing an important part of detailing. This towel helps beat the car wash!
Helps clean and shine the cars with the package I bought. The car keeps getting shinier.
Cost is a lot but it will last a hundred times, then I will toss the prep towel not knowing if it is still good.

Bridgewater, MA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

June 18, 2014
This thing makes "claying" surface preparing a car very quick and super easy. I can't see a reason to use real clay other than for a really dirty nasty that you dont want get on your new towel. This towel takes me about 1/5th to 1/4 the tim to do surface. Did my wifes car in about 20-30 minutes and that was going in twice to wash the towel real well in the sink because her car was still bit dirty (she ran it through the car was the day before). Also my hands were not sore after from all the kneading of the clay.
SPEED SPEED easy to use
price (seems steep for the content of the product, its worth the price compared to clay, but I would thing with time and competition margins will drop)