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SON1C Wax Phoenix

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SON1C Wax Phoenix on a CLS550. Photo courtest of forum member 'Dr_Pain'.

SON1C Wax Phoenix with bathe your paint in a glossy carnauba shine and strong, natural wax protection for up to the 3 months. SON1C Wax Phoenix is a soft paste, crafted by hand in Northern Virginia, which has been formulated through a rigorous testing and reformulation program. The result is a premium carnauba wax shine with unmatched clarity. Metallic and flake paints will ignite in the sun, much like the mythological bird this wax is named for – The Phoenix.

SON1C Wax Phoenix started as ProtoWax 93. Despite ProtoWax 93 being praised by the majority of the 300 testers, SON1C Wax took even the most minute criticisms seriously. From the ashes of this excessive testing process arose a carnauba wax designed to set your paint on fire. SON1C Wax Phoenix wipes on and removes effortlessly, enriches all colors of paint with a blazing shine, and provides relentless protection against UV rays, bird bombs, insect remains and airborne contaminants.

Utilizing several natural waxes in addition to pure carnauba, SON1C Wax Phoenix also features a selected blend of natural oils and polymers. If you enjoy intense water beading, this is the wax for you. Water will will form into marble-like balls and run off of the paint quickly taking any fresh dust or grime with it. SON1C Wax Phoenix's super hydrophobic-like effect will keep your paint cleaner in between washings, so the shine is always intense.

SON1C Wax Phoenix proves that premium performance doesn't mean hard to apply. Phoenix’s buttery smooth texture allows for easy application – even in direct sunlight. It even buffs away with no effort. The results is blazing shine that looks amazing on all colors, and even better on metallic, pearl and flake paint jobs. Ignite your paint with SON1C Wax Phoenix.

Handmade in the USA
Quantities are limited
150 ml. (5.07 ounces)

Includes two premium red applicators.