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SON1C WaxSon1c Wax in a company dedicated to making the highest performing waxes by hand. Each wax is formulated by sourcing the highest grade of the finest ingredients from around the globe to create premium formulations. Each formulation is tested, over-and-over, until the perfect recipe is found. It is this old school approach to formulation and development that give's Son1c Waxes their incredible reputation for performance.

Each formulation is created, blended and poured in Northern Virginia. What was once a hobby has become a company built on the passionate pursuit of excellence. Son1c Waxes can be applied in direct sunlight, provide exceptionally tight water beading and create an unmistakable shine. Give your paint a supersonic shine with Son1c Wax's handcrafted wax recipes.
SON1C Wax Carnaubavore
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SON1C Wax Phoenix
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