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Scholl Concepts Premium Vintage Wax 50 ml.

50 ml.
200 ml.

Item Description:

If you believe your automobile is more than transportation... Scholl Concepts Premium Vintage Wax is handcrafted for those who view their automobile as a work of art. This wax is handmade in incredibility small batches to maintain exceptionally high standards. Each container of Scholl Concepts Premium Vintage Wax features over 60% (by volume) of T1-grade Brazilian carnauba wax, refined natural cacao, and the most exclusive oils to create a stunning shine worthy of a masterpiece.

It is a look that only a premium wax can deliver; an unmistakable shine that ripples across each curve and body line. Scholl Concepts Premium Vintage Wax creates a truly stunning look that can only be appreciated in person. Not only will your paint look dripping wet, it will shine with intensity. Reflections will maintain perfect clarity and color accuracy as they ripple and bend over your paint.

Carnauba wax is one of natures best protective elements. Carnauba wax swells when exposed to water, sealing your paint from rain and moisture. Scholl Concepts Premium Vintage Wax contains over 60% of the world's finest carnauba wax: Brazilian T1 grade. Each application of Scholl Concepts Premium Vintage Wax coats your paint with a thick layer of carnauba wax to protect it from acid rain, airborne pollution, bird bombs, bug splatter, and fall out.

Paint that is coated with Scholl Concepts Premium Vintage Wax will exhibit exceptional water repellency. Water will pool into tiny marble-like beads that roll effortlessly from the surface. These beads of water will wash away fresh dust and road pitch, keeping your paint cleaner. Scholl Concepts calls this self-cleaning ability the “Lotus Effect.”

In order to appreciate the true potential of Scholl Concepts Premium Vintage Wax it should be applied to paint that is clean, free of contamination, and polished to a swirl-free shine. Apply a small amount of Scholl Concepts Premium Vintage Wax to a section at a time and wipe away 70% of the haze using a soft microfiber towel. Massage the remaining carnauba wax into the paint using the palms of your hands to melt the wax molecules and ensure a tight paint-wax bond. Wipe away the melted residue completely to reveal your masterpiece.

50 ml. (1.69 ounces)

Handcrafted in Germany

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Scholl Concepts Premium Vintage Wax 50 ml.
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