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Scholl Concepts

Scholl Concepts Scholl Concepts, nestled among the medieval castles and historic churches of Remseck am Neckar, Germany, has been producing holistic and innovative car care solutions for more than 40 years. Scholl Concepts works with leading car manufacturers from around the world to produce class leading polishing solutions. Scholl Concepts offers a complete line of highly-advanced polishes, long-lasting paint sealants and car waxes, high-tech polishing pads, and extremely-efficient cleaning solutions and soaps.

Scholl Concepts partners with OEM car manufacturers to produce complete polishing solutions for use at the factory. Scholl Concepts designs, and manufactures, unique fast-acting polishes which exceed all expectations from the most prestigious car makers. Additionally, Scholl Concepts works hand-in-hand with an extensive network of European body shops and professional detailers to innovate new products which impress even the most discerning car owner.

Each time you use a Scholl Concepts product, whether as a professional or to care for your own car, you will experience 40 years of dedicated passion and car care experience. Each of Scholl Concepts' entire range of products is proudly made in Germany to the most precise standards.