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Scholl Concepts W6+ Crystal Wax Premium Paint Sealant 250 ml.

8.45 oz.
Item#: SC-10626   
33.8 oz.

Item Description:

Scholl Concepts W6+ Crystal Wax combines natural carnauba wax, synthetic waxes and highly cross-linked polymers to provide your paint with long-lasting protection in addition to a brilliant shine. Scholl Concepts W6+ Crystal Wax provides months of relentless water beading while remaining extremely easy to apply and remove. This premium paint protectant can be applied and removed from hot paint surfaces without smearing.

Scholl Concepts W6+ Crystal Wax is a pure protectant with no polishing agents or harsh solvents. It features microscopic ingredients that fill in minor paint defects, leaving the paint with a bright and natural shine. In addition to the high-gloss finish that looks great on all paint colors, Crystal Wax offers maximum paint protection for months at a time. Acid rain, bird bombs, bug splatter, and environmental fallout will find it difficult to penetrate this wax's protective finish.

Waxing your car shouldn't be difficult. That is why Scholl Concepts formulated W6+ Crystal Wax to be easy-to-apply and effortless to remove in any condition. It will wipe away cleanly with a light swipe of a microfiber towel, even when applied to hot paint. For the best results, apply Scholl Concepts W6+ Crystal Wax to paint that has been cleaned and polished first.

250 ml. (8.45 ounces)

Made in Germany.

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Product Reviews

Scholl Concepts W6+ Crystal Wax Premium Paint Sealant 250 ml.
3 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
3 Stars

apply thin
December 29, 2014
This looked good after applying,hard to remove(I think I applied to thick)but the next few days large dry wax spots would appear wear there wasn't any.Ended up stripping it off with Wolfgang paint polish and applying Bouncers WinterWax,looks great now.I ordered this wax with another Scholl product that were at their expiration date.Makes me wonder if it being expired led to the poor performance.Either way it seemed rather finicky.