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Safe Scrub & Polishing Towel - 3 Pack

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Item Description:

Meet the Safe Scrub & Polishing Towel. This premium detailing towel has two distinct personalities. On one side is ultra-soft, short nap microfiber that is perfect for cleaning delicate paint surfaces. The other side has dual layered nylon mesh for more aggressive cleaning action. The Safe Scrub & Polishing Towel gives you the ability to remove tar, bug splatter, and stubborn residues while gently removing dirt, grime, or even polish safely.

The microfiber side of the Safe Scrub & Polishing Towel is armed with an extremely gentle, yet powerful short nap microfiber that gives this towel a host of uses. The premium blend of microfiber is extremely soft, making it ideal for using quick detail sprays and even rinseless washes. The short pile increases the cleaning action allowing wax and polish residues to be removed easily.

The yellow honeycomb nylon mesh gives the Safe Scrub & Polishing Towel unrivaled versatility. It gently cuts through bug residue and stubborn tar splatter with out scratching. This is the perfect towel to keep handy when doing a rinseless or waterless wash for increased cleaning action. Gently wipe over the surface to cut into the tough residue, then flip the towel over to safely remove the remains.

16 x 16 inches
3 Pack

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Safe Scrub & Polishing Towel - 3 Pack