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Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Polish 33.8 oz.

33.8 oz.
Item#: RU-KERA-1000   
Sale price: $44.99
8.4 oz.
Item#: RU-KERA-250   
Sale price: $15.99
16.9 oz.

Item Description:

Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Polish is a paint polish that is engineered to work with the long-stroke design of Rupes' Big Foot series of dual-action random orbital polishers. When used with the Rupes Yellow Polishing Foam Pad, Keramik Gloss is capable of removing P3000 grade sanding scratches from fresh paint. It is also the ideal choice in maintenance or 1-step polishing sessions. Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Polish is a fine polish that creates amazing clarity on all paint systems, while still having the ability to remove minor imperfections.

Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Polish is engineered with a gel-like consistency. Even when exposed to the large orbital motion and high-speed pad movement created by Rupes Big Foot Polishers, this thick gel stays wet and cool to remove minor imperfections without creating haze. Use Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Polish with a Rupes Yellow Polishing Foam Pad to remove swirl marks, towel marks, buffer holograms and fine scratches. It will even remove 3000 grit sanding marks from fresh paint.

Rupes engineered Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Polish to work flawlessly with their smooth open-celled Yellow Polishing Foam Pad. The nozzle dispenser is color-coordinated to the pad for easy selection . When this pad/polish combination is used with Rupes LHR 15ES and LHR 21ES Big Foot Random Orbital Polishers, it will polish away any light paint defects while leaving behind a clear, swirl-free finish. If the vehicle you are polishing has minor imperfections or needs an increase in gloss, Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Polish is the ideal one-step solution.

Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Polish is VOC compliant and body-shop safe. It can be used on all paint systems including antique enamels, lacquers and modern scratch-resistant clear coats. Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Polish has a long buffing cycle and wipes off easily from paint.

1000 ml. (33.8 oz.)

Made in Italy.

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Rupes Keramik Gloss Fine Gel Polish 33.8 oz.