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Scholl Concepts Rim7 Rim Cleaning Gel 500 ml.

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Scholl Concepts Rim7 Rim Cleaning Gel made a big splash in Europe years ago as the first color-changing, pH-neutral rim cleaning solution. This powerful wheel cleaning gel quickly breaks down the iron content in brake dust so it can be removed without relying caustic detergents or harsh acids. Scholl Concepts Rim7 Rim Cleaning Gel is safe for all wheel finishes.

Scholl Concepts Rim7 Rim Cleaning Gel is a high-viscosity cleaner that prevents run-off after spraying. It stays where you spray it. This allows Rim7 to penetrate and dissolve brake dust so it will rinse away freely. Approximately five minutes after application Rim7 will turn from red to black indicating it can be rinsed off. Scholl Concepts Rim7 Rim Cleaning Gel is pH neutral and has a pleasant fragrance.

Clean and well detailed wheels are one of the most important aspects of a well detailed automobile. With today's soft brake pads, intricate wheel designs, and delicate finishes it is more difficult than ever to maintain flawless appearance. From the second you touch your brake pedal, micro-splinters of iron rotor dust and organic pad dust attach to your wheel. This film bonds to the surface and becomes increasingly difficult to remove over time and environmental exposure.

Detailers and enthusiasts have long-relied on harsh acids and caustic detergents to break brake dust's bonds to the wheel finish. These aggressive chemicals can damage many delicate wheel finishes. Scholl Concepts Rim7 Rim Cleaning Gel relies on advanced science and German engineering to safely lift brake dust and grime from all wheel surfaces. Trust your wheel's care to Scholl Concepts!

500 ml. (16.9 ounces)

Made in Germany

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Product Reviews

Scholl Concepts Rim7 Rim Cleaning Gel 500 ml.
3 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
3 Stars

Wheel Cleaner
December 29, 2014
This is a pretty good cleaner it is not spray on rinse off like I have heard,it will take some brush work to get everything clean.The one I received only had a few days before it expires according to the date on the bottle.This might have something to do with the average cleaning power.Not as good as some of the reviews I read but my wheels looked good after I was done.
The rotten egg smell with color changing cleaners is very low with this product.
Receiving this on it's expiration date makes me wonder if it lost efficencey