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Riccardo Premium Clay Lubricant

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Riccardo Premium Clay Lubricant is a slippery spray that allows Riccardo Detailing Clay Bars to glide effortlessly over your paint. This carefully-engineered formula provides enough lubrication to buffer the clay from scuffing your paint while still still allowing it work effectively. Riccardo Premium Clay Lubricant will work with any detailing clay or clay bar alternative.

Detailing clay is amazing stuff. It moves across the paint, removing stubborn contaminates that reduce reflectivity and prevent waxes and paint sealants from working properly. However, for the clay to work properly it needs to glide on the correct lubricant. If it's not slippery enough, the clay will scratch and stick. If its too slippery, the clay will not bite into the contamination. Riccardo Premium Clay Lubricant has the right blend of surfactants and lubricants to allow clay to slide over the surface without scratching.

Team Riccardo Premium Clay Lubricant with Riccardo Detailing Clay, or your favorite clay for clean, high-gloss finish.

32 oz.

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Riccardo Premium Clay Lubricant