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Riccardo Blue Detailing Clay - Original Medium

5 oz.
8 oz.

Item Description:

The first step in creating a show car finish is to deep clean the paint by removing any bonded contamination that regular washing doesn't. For more than a decade, detailers and enthusiasts have used detailing clay in order to clean and smooth paint finishes. Riccardo Detailing Clay is a unique, polyelastic formula that uses the latest in paint clay technology. Riccardo Detailing Clay safely removes bonded contaminates from your paint, glass and metal trim without scuffing or dulling the finish.

Your paint is under constant attack! Airborne pollutants are constantly landing on, and bonding to, your paint. These unwanted particles create a stubborn film that reduces your paint's shine and reduces the effectiveness of any wax, sealant or coating you apply. Riccardo Detailing Clay effectively increases your shine by removing what normal washing won't. Rail dust, brake dust, industrial fallout, tree sap, bug residue and paint overspray are quickly eliminated, leaving nothing behind but the shine.

Riccardo Detailing Clay is made from a polyelastic formula that is unique to detailing clay. It is very flexible, allowing it to conform to any surface or shape. Riccardo Detailing Clay's smooth, yet sticky, polyelastic formula literally sucks surface contamination off paint, glass and metal trim. Additionally, Riccardo Detailing Clay will not crumble or age like traditional clay, so it will remain pliable and ready for use no matter which lubricant you team it up with.

Riccardo Detailing Clay is available in two colors: Yellow (mild) or Blue (moderate). Use Riccardo Yellow Detailing Clay to remove mild contamination from any paint finish without scratching or dulling the finish (when used properly). Use Riccardo Blue Detailing Clay when working on neglected finishes that require quick cleaning. Each clay bar has the same benefits and characteristics you can expect from Riccardo.

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Product Reviews

Riccardo Blue Detailing Clay - Original Medium
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Wendell Jarvis
Richmond KY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Riccardo is well know for their Clay.....
September 6, 2014
This clay is perfect for removing contaminants from your paint, tar, bugs and fallout debris....without scuffing or marring your paint, helps to create a show car shine followed up by your choice of a wax or sealant
Price is spot on compared to other clays, performs great, cleans up, for time and time again use
No dislikes

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