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CR Spotless Replacement Resin for DIC-10 and DIW-10

Item #R2-10
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Item Description:

By replacing just the resin in your CR Spotless Water System, you'll reduce waste and still maintain the same level of de-ionization. You will receive two CR Spotless Replacement Resin Bags that will de-ionize approximately 100 gallons of water. These bags are pre-measured for the DIC-10 High Output Rolling System and the DIW-10 Wall Mounted System.

Simply unscrew the housings and remove the spent cartridges. Dispose of the used resin, rinse the cartridges and refill them with the new resin. Put the cartridges back inside the housings and reattach them to the main unit.

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CR Spotless Replacement Resin for DIC-10 and DIW-10