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Pinnacle XMT Series

Pinnacle XMT Series

Pinnacle’s long history of quality car care products is beginning a new chapter with XMT Series, a collection of products designed to optimize machine application.

The method of car care has changed over the years. Now, instead of buffing tirelessly by hand, enthusiasts are turning to machine polishing to achieve the perfect shine. XMT Series, or Xtreme Machine Technology Series, is designed for a growing generation of car care enthusiasts who enjoy the performance and unparalleled results of power polishers.

The trend in polishers and buffers in recent years has been to make them more accessible and user-friendly for the consumer. Manufacturers realized that not every customer is a trained specialist, but every customer does want a glossy, mirror-bright shine on their vehicles.

Pinnacle XMT Car Wash Combo
Regular price: $63.95
Sale price: $39.99
Pinnacle XMT Clean & Shine Bundle
Regular price: $74.94
Sale price: $45.00
Pinnacle XMT Speed Clay
(2 Reviews)
Pinnacle XMT Speed Clay Bundle
Regular price: $50.06
Sale price: $26.99
(2 Reviews)