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Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection 500 ml.

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Item Description:

Maximum protection without alternating the look of matte finishes

Easy to applysurface coating offers powerful protection

Nano grade Silicium molecules electrostatically bond to the surface

Creates durable coating of protection without increasing shine

Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection on a Lotus.

Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection gives your finish scientifically engineered protection without increasing gloss or adding sheen. It is 21st Century protection that is ideal for matte (flat) paint surfaces, rubber, glass, films/foils, plastics and other non-reflective hard surfaces. Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection does not contain any carnauba wax or gloss enhancers. It is a durable Silicium shell that offers extreme protection against acids, alkalies, solvents and UV damage. Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection coats the microscopic terrain of the surface for maximum protection without additional gloss.

While flat or matte paint finishes have become popular in recent years they are notoriously delicate and difficult to maintain. Most waxes and paint sealants will add sheen to the surface. Waxes that feature polishing agents will smooth the matte's microscopic texture, increasing shine. Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection adds valuable, durable protection to your delicate matte finish. Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection uses an electrostatic charge to draw itself into the surface for durable adhesion and the ultimate in protection. The key ingredient in Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection is nano engineered Silicium (Si14). This is the same ingredient used to make glass. With careful science, Permanon Super-Matte coats your paint in nano sized platelets of Silicium that offers superior protection without increasing the shine.

This incredible product is the conglomeration of modern science and German engineering. The Silicium ingredients in Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection are nano grade. A nanometer is 1/1,000,000,000th of a meter in size. This gives Super-Matte the ability to cover the entire surface, including microscopic pores, for total protection. Each Silicium molecule is positively charged. All surfaces have a negative charge. When diluted with water and misted onto the surface, Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection will be pulled to the surface through an electrical charge to offer complete coverage and powerful bonding.

Because Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection bonds on the nano level, it preserves the original surface material. Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection works on almost all hard surfaces including paint, plastics, metals, painted or varnished wood, gel coat, glass, tile, stone, and more. It is an extremely effective, long lasting water repellent that is resistant to nearly all acids, alkaline solutions and solvents while offering significant protection against ultra violet light and sun fade. Once bonded to the surface, Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection can only be removed with pH solutions greater than 12 or through abrasion (sanding or polishing).


General) Permanon is a durable surface coating. The paint or surface should be clean and free of any contamination or paint defects. After washing, inspect smooth painted surfaces by touch. If any texture or grit is present use detailing clay to restore a smooth feel. Any swirl marks, scratches, or paint imperfections that are visible in glossy paint should be polished away prior to application. The Silicium molecules in Permanon will bond to any car wax, sealant, or gloss enhancer. Wipe the surface clean using a paint prep or diluted isopropyl alcohol.
  1. Permanon must be applied to clean and bare surface. It must be free of any wax, silicone, oil, petroleum, polymer or other additives that leave residues. Remove these with a paint cleaning chemical such as Gtechniq Panel Wipe or diluted isopropyl alcohol.
  2. For road vehicles, Permanon recommends a 5% solution of Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection. Use a standard 32 oz spray bottle with an adjustable spray nozzle for a fine-mist application. Pour 50 ml of Permanon into the spray bottle, then fill with clean water to the 32 oz mark (if no mark, then simply add four generous cups of water) for a 5% solution.
  3. Lightly mist Permanon onto the surface. For vertical surfaces start from the top and work your way down. The Silicium molecules travel through the water and adhere immediately. Permanon bonds instantly so no additional buffing or polishing is required. Simply wipe away any remaining water with a soft cloth such as a Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel. You can apply Permanon to a wet or dry surface.

500 ml.

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Permanon Super-Matte Finish Protection 500 ml.