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Permanon Finishes

Permanon FinishesPermanon is a non-toxic line of surface protection that uses the latest in nano grade technology to offer permanent surface coating protection for your vehicle. Permanon surface coatings are based on Silicium (Si14) which is drawn to the surface via a electrostatic charge. Simply mist diluted Permanon onto a wet surface and let science do the work. Permanon products are manufactured with the highest precision in Germany.

Permanon's coatings are based on a highly concentrated formula that contains technologically superior Silicium, the primary ingredient used to make glass. When Permanon is applied to a hard surface, Silicium platelets, engineered on the nano level, are drawn into the nano sized (1 billionth of a meter) pores to create a permanent barrier of protection. By using innovative science, which uses water as a delivery system for the positively charged Silicium, Permanon offers extremely easy application.

Permanon offers a complete range of innovative surface coatings and coating care products. imports a broad selection to keep your vehicle looking great.