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Permanon Glass Surface 500 ml.

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Item Description:

21st Century protection for all glass surfaces!

Reduces the need for cleaning and polishing by up to 50%

Resists most acids, alkalies, and solvents

Finger print and smudge resistant

Permanon Glass Surface is an easy-to-apply surface protection and cleaner that produces a brilliant shine on all glass surfaces. Permanon Glass Surface forms a mirror-like finish on glass surfaces that sheds dirt and water while resisting finger print smudges. The primary ingredient in Permanon Glass Surface is Silicium. Nano-sized platelets of Silicium are drawn into the glass's microscopic bores and pits, making it hard for dirt and grit to embed. A specialized streak-free cleaner lifts dirt from the glass as you apply Permanon Glass Surface, resulting in a brilliant shine on your glass.

Permanon Glass Surface is perfect for professional use, auto detailing, and around the house. The Silicium shell or protection coats the glass, making it microscopically smooth and easy to clean. Dirt and grime cannot stick to the smooth surface and are washed away with ease. This reduces clean time and maintenance if you own a window cleaning company. The intense water beading and oil resistance of Permanon Glass Surface makes it perfect on all of the windows and mirrors in your home. Spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing in your home.

Your vehicle's windows are assaulted by exhaust fumes, sun rays, road blasting, oil, and more. Permanon Glass Surface forms a permanent shield of protection that allows road oils and film to wash away with ease while offering substantial protection against the elements. Permanon Glass Surface gives professional detailers a valuable up-sell by offering more protection for their customer's vehicles.

  1. Use a standard 32 oz spray bottle with an adjustable spray nozzle for a fine-mist application. Pour 50 ml of Permanon Glass Surface into the spray bottle, then fill with clean water to the 32 oz mark for a 5% solution.
  2. Lightly mist the Permanon solution onto the glass surface and wipe dry with a Microfiber or other lint-free cloth. The Silicium molecules in Permanon will be drawn to the glass by a powerful electrostatic charge and bond instantly. The cleaners in Permanon will leave the glass looking streak-free and brilliant.

Note: Most, if not all public water contains minerals that can cause water spotting if left to dry in the sun. For best results use distilled or purified water.

500 ml.

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Permanon Glass Surface 500 ml.
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