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Polycharger CH2 Wax Booster

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Item Description:

Polycharger® CH2 Wax Booster is the Wax Booster prescription for solvent based liquid waxes:

Polycharger® Wax Booster Boosts Carnauba waxes for incredible shine and protection!

Works with paint sealants to form an unbeatable layer of protection!

Your paint will shine and bead water like crazy for months!

Polycharger® CH2 Wax Booster is the Wax Booster prescription for solvent based liquid waxes, including most paint sealants.  Polycharger® CH2 Wax Booster works with most popular consumer brand products, including Meguiar's and Mothers, and boutique car wax products from brands like Griot's Garage, Pinnacle, SmartWax and Wolfgang.  See the compatibility list for complete details.

Polycharger effectively increases car wax protection (length and level) by 400% or more.  When properly maintained by regular washing, paint protected by a Polycharger boosted car wax will retain their shine and protection for twenty weeks or more.  Comparatively, most car wax finishes loose water beading, shine and slickness after only four to six washes.    


  • Mothers
  • Meguiar's
  • Griot's Garage
  • Duragloss
  • Autoglym
  • SmartWax
  • Blackfire
  • Wolfgang
  • Many more... (If your wax is not listed just ask us for more information!)
  • 2 ounce vial of Polycharger® CH2 Wax Booster
  • Dosing dropper
  • Mixing bottles
  • Eight page color Product Guide
  • Compatibility and dosing chart
  • Kit box

Each kit supplies enough additive for 25 to 30 treatments!

Note: Mix only with compatible wax products.  If determining compatibility with a new or unlisted wax product, apply to a small area first to determine compatibility.  If the product is easy to apply, easy to remove and does not cause streaking, it can be applied to the entire vehicle.

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Polycharger CH2 Wax Booster