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Optimum Opti Dual Pro Applicator

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The Optimum Opti Dual Pro Applicator makes the process of applying Gloss-Coat, Optimum Opti-Seal or Optimum Opti-Coat 2.0 very easy. As the name suggests, the Optimum Opti Dual Pro Applicator is double-sided. One side of the Dual Pro Applicator is made of high-density Neoprene that makes applying coatings easy. The flip side features an ultra soft 100 PPI foam that is perfect for the application of Opti-Seal and other wipe-on, walk-away paint sealants.

For application of Opti-Seal and other wipe-on, walk-away paint sealants use the ultra soft black foam side. The black foam is an ultra-fine, ultra high PPI (pores per inch) polyurethane. This high PPI foam keeps the paint sealant on the surface of the pad and reduces absorption. This reduces streaks and smears, while allowing a little sealant to go a very long way. Simply mist Opti-Seal onto the foam once to prime, then spray a light mist on your your body panel. Smooth the sealant over the body panel using overlapping strokes until evenly covered.

For application of Optimum Gloss-Coat use the high-density Neoprene side. This soft Neoprene will spread an ideally thin layer of Gloss-Coat over the paint, reducing the chance of creating high-spots or product smears. Dispense Gloss-Coat from the syringe to form an X pattern on the high density Neoprene side and apply to all surfaces to be coated. Add more product as needed. When the application process is completed, simply wash the applicator and allow to dry before reusing.

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