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Optimum GPS Glaze Polish Sealant 128 oz. Refill

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Item Description:

Optimum GPS Glaze Polish Sealant

Three steps in one amazing spray formula.

No-sling, dust-free application.

Optimum GPS is a glaze, polish, and paint sealant in one! It delivers excellent paint correction and shine enhancement abilities in a spray.

The spray application speeds up the application process and ensures even distribution of GPS over the polishing pad. Optimum GPS also primes the whole pad face evenly to reduce friction.

Glaze: Optimum GPS fills in minor imperfections when applied by hand. It creates a smooth, glossy shine.

Polish: GPS removes minor imperfections with a polishing pad, longer working time, and added pressure. It will finish smooth, like a finishing polish.

Sealant: GPS's advanced polymer blend offers 3-4 months of protection.

Optimum GPS can be applied with a dual action or orbital polisher with foam pads or Optimum Microfiber Polishing Pads. GPS is body shop safe!

As a final step product, GPS removes minor swirls and marring and adds a high level of gloss and protection.

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Optimum GPS Glaze Polish Sealant 128 oz. Refill