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New Car Paint Care

1. How soon can I wax my new car?

You can wax your new car immediately. New car paint finishes are cured as soon as the car rolls off the assembly line. In the old days this was not true, as enamels required up to 30 days to cure. In the modern process, high temperature ovens combined with new paints allow for a fully cured finish in a matter of hours.


2. My car was repaired/repainted, how long before I can wax?

In general, you should wait 20 to 30 days. Until then, wash with cool water only.


3. I was told my car does not need wax, is this true?

No! Most new car manufacturers use a clear top coat that contains U.V. inhibitors to help reduce the damaging effect of exposure to the sun. These clear top coats also receive catalyst hardeners that make the final finish very hard and durable. Some of the high-end car makers even use ceramic based paints that are even harder. However, none of these improvements in paint technology negate the need to protect (wax) your car or treat other exterior surfaces. Failure to properly protect exterior surfaces will result in damage from oxidation, mineral deposits, acid rain, factory pollution, U.V. light exposure and other environmental hazards.


4. I purchased a dealer protection package, what do I need to do to my car?

The first thing you must realize is that your dealer applied protection system is nothing more than scheduled maintenance. Read the fine print of your contract. In most cases it will tell you that you need to bring the car back for scheduled service.

Some systems claim to "last for 5 years" or even "permanent... never wax again". We believe these systems are scams. Do not risk your car finish to this type of treatment. If it was really possible to achieve a 5 year maintenance-free paint finish, you can bet it would be installed at the factory.

All new cars need regular surface care maintenance to retain a new car look. For all new cars, we recommend the Ultima 360 Protection Kit. It offers the very best new car protection in a system that is easily applied by any car owner in a matter of minutes.