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Nanoskin Wash Ní Wax Shampoo 16 oz.

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Item Description:

Increases gloss by depositing real carnauba wax protection!

Concentrated wash and wax formula

Clear coat safe

Will not cause spotting

Nanoksin Wash Ní Wax Shampoo enables you to wash and wax your car in one step! This high foaming shampoo contains real wax that increases shine and adds protection after each wash, saving you time and effort!

Nanoskni Wash Ní Wax Shampoo creates a thick, lubricious film that gently removes dirt and grime without scratching your paint. Unlike most wash and wax formulas, Nanoskin Wash Ní Wax Shampoo rinses feely and doesnít create a haze Ė even on glass!

Nanoskin Wash Ní Wax Shampoo will rejuvenate the shine of your existing wax coating after every wash. Your vehicleís paint will feel slick and glossy, tricking others into thinking you spent all day waxing your car.

Nanoskni Wash Ní Wax Shampoo has a pleasant fragrance, making it a joy to use for your weekly wash.

16 oz.

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Nanoskin Wash Ní Wax Shampoo 16 oz.