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Nanoskin Nano Synthetic Sealant

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Nanoskin Nano Ceramic Synthetic Sealant is a combination of ultra-fine nano abrasives and protective nano polymers designed to create a brilliant shine with outstanding protection. Nanoskin Nano Ceramic Synthetic Sealant will work equally well on all types of paint and reflective finishes including original lacquers, modern clear coats, and fiberglass gel coats. Nano Ceramic Synthetic Sealant is the perfect 1-step solution to create brilliant shine that reflects light evenly.

Nanoskin engineered Nano Ceramic Synthetic Sealant at the smallest level to give you big results. Extremely fine polishing agents remove oxidation, wash marring, swirl marks, and stains from your finish as you apply it. These paint defects rob your finish of it's potential gloss. While some all-in-one products temporarily hide these blemishes behind a mask of oils, clays, and glazes, Nanoskin Nano Ceramic Synthetic Sealant permanently removes them and leaves your paint mirror smooth.

Not only does one application of Nanoskin Nano Ceramic Synthetic Sealant remove the blemishes that make your paint look aged or worn, it protects your paint with durable nano polymers that considerably lengthen your paint's life span. Nanoskin's testing shows that a single application increases paint life by 40-50%. The nano polymers link together to form a shield of protection on your paint. This durable layer resists damage from acid rain, bird bombs, bug splatter and sun fade whilst reducing dirt accumulation by as much as 80%!

Directions: For best results use Nanoskin Nano Ceramic Synthetic Sealant with a dual action polisher and a polishing pad. Apply a small amount on the surface. Polish a small area at a time with medium pressure, working the product into the finish. Repeat, one section at a time, until the entire vehicle has been covered. Allow Nanoskin Nano Ceramic Synthetic Sealant to adhere to the surface for 30 minutes and then remove residue with a soft microfiber towel.

4 oz.

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Nanoskin Nano Synthetic Sealant