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Nanoskin Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax 250g

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Item Description:

Relentless water beading and great looks in a paste wax!

Carnauba wax provides exceptional looks and protection

Nano-sized polymers create a complete bond to the paint

Intense water beading with exceptional protection

Nanoskin Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax imparts your paint with a deep, clear gloss while providing exceptional water beading. Hydrophobic Paste Wax combines white carnauba wax with nano-sized polymers that fill the pores of the paint for maximum longevity. Unlike some carnauba paste waxes, Nanoskin Hydrophobic will not only stand up to rain and regular washing, it will have the water running in fear.

Nanoskin Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax is a hybrid wax; each ingredient carefully chosen for maximum effect. Carnauba wax is nature's best protectant against fallout and acid damage for automobile paints. Advanced nano polymers create an incredibly tight bond to the paint for long lasting protection and intense water beading. Nanoskin Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax has light cleaning properties; it polishes and prepares the paint as you apply it. The long-lasting hydrophobic effect keeps your ride clean and dust-free as long as rain drops take dirt away

Apply Nanoskin Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax to a clean and dry car for best results. Apply Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax in thin coats by hand or with a dual-action polisher. This wax will cure quickly, so you can remove it instantly or complete the entire car before removing. Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax will not stain trim. Make water fear your paint with Nanoskin Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax.


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Nanoskin Hydrophobic Nano Paste Wax 250g
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