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Nanoskin Black Awesome VRT Dressing & Protectant 16 oz.

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Need a dressing for any situation, applicable in any environment? Nanoskin has the answer. Nanoskin Black Awesome VRT Dressing & Protectant is one of most versatile and complete protectants on the market. This water-based protectant is dilutable so you can vary the shine, from high-gloss to satin. It contains no silicones so it can be applied in any environment including body shops. Nanoskin Black Awesome VRT Dressing & Protectant is fortified with long-lasting UV absorbers for real-world protection.

With Nanoskin Black Awesome VRT Dressing & Protectant there is no need to have a cabinet full of various dressings. Black Awesome can be used undiluted to produce a high-gloss finish on tires and trim. Dilute evenly with water (1:1) to create a more satin, dark finish. For rich, yet natural shine, dilute 1 part of Black Awesome with 2 or 3 parts of water. For a completely natural look dilute with four parts water. Regardless of the shine you desire and the dilution you choose, Nanoskin Black Awesome VRT Dressing & Protectant's powerful UV absorbers will prevent rubber, vinyl, and trim from drying out and cracking. The shine is variable, the protection is intense.

For best results, apply to a surface that is clean. Dilute one part of Black Awesome with up to four parts water. Shake in a spray bottle to mix. Spray Black awesome directly on the surface or onto an applicator and apply evenly to avoid streaking. Wipe away excess product. Use Black Awesome on just about anything: ...vinyl, rubber, tire, plastic, leather, wood and stone.

Nanoskin Recommended Dilution Rations

High Gloss Tire RTU to 1 : 1
Satin Gloss Tire 1 : 1 to 2 : 1
Leather, Vinyl, Rubber & Plastic 2 : 1 to 3 : 1
Wood & Stone 3 : 1 to 4 : 1

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Nanoskin Black Awesome VRT Dressing & Protectant 16 oz.