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Migliore Strata Ceramic Paint Coating

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If your passion for gloss is only equaled by your desire for protection, Migliore Strata Ceramic Paint Coating is the product for you. Migliore's unique hand crafted waxes have long been known for their incredible shine and luxurious application. Migliore Strata Ceramic Paint Coating continues Don Havourd's passion for cars and craftsmanship by offering a truly premium-class paint coating.

Migliore Luxury Car Care's owner & founder Don Havourd is passionate about detailing and detailing products. As a college student, he paid for his education by offering high-quality detailing services. In order to save money, Don began to blend his own waxes, and thus the Migliore legend was born. With a market shift towards long-lasting paint coatings, Don once again tapped into his passionate roots to create a premium-class paint coating which replicates the aesthetics of a carnauba wax while providing the immense protection of a paint coating. After many formulations and much research, Migliore Strata Ceramic Paint Coating was born.

When you first lay your eyes upon an automobile which has been coated with Migliore Strata Ceramic Paint Coating, you may mistakenly believe it has been treated with an ultra-premium carnauba wax. This is it imparts a deep, rich, almost three-dimensional shine on all paint colors. As the months and seasons pass by it will become more and more obvious that no carnauba wax could protect this long. One application of Migliore Strata Ceramic Paint Coating will last up to one year.

Even with a rich, carnauba-like shine, Migliore Strata Ceramic Paint Coating retains all of the benefits of a paint coating. It will repel rain and dirt whilst beading water furiously. Migliore Strata Ceramic Paint Coating is stable at extremely high temperatures and provides ample amounts of protection against ultraviolet radiation and sun fade. Give your paint a rich shine with exceptional protection by encasing it in a coat of Migliore Strata Ceramic Paint Coating.

  1. Migliore Strata Ceramic Paint Coating must be applied to a completely clean and prepared paint surface. All polishing and paint correction should be done prior to application.
  2. Prime the applicator with product, a small amount goes a long way.
  3. Apply product in a crosshatch pattern to ensure even application. This should be done in approximately 2' x 2' foot squares.
  4. Remove excess product with a microfiber towel within 1 minute of application.
  5. Let product cure for seven hours. Keep away from dust and rain while curing.
1 oz.

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Migliore Strata Ceramic Paint Coating