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Microfiber Towels

Microfiber TowelsThe Microfiber towels we carry are made of the finest materials you can use to detail your vehicle. Microfiber is entirely man-made of polyester and polyamide, which give microfiber towels incredible strength and durability. Microfiber can be woven to suit different jobs, like polishing, drying and buffing. The right microfiber towel will make any detailing task easier. Microfiber towels also last longer than cotton terry cloth or natural chamois. For value, performance and durability, nothing beats microfiber towels.

Microfiber Towel Car Detailing Products
Excellent detailing microfiber towels include microfiber detailing towels, the chamois towel, and microfiber waffleweave towels.
BLACKFIRE Microfiber Cleaner & Restorer
Regular price: $15.99
Sale price: $12.99
(10 Reviews)
McKee's 37 Microfiber Cleaner
Avaible in 16 oz & 1 Gallon
(4 Reviews)
Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate 32 oz.
Regular price: $14.99
Sale price: $9.99
(7 Reviews)
Autopia Best Microfiber Towel Kit
Regular price: $258.77
Sale price: $179.99
(1 Review)
BLACKFIRE Midnight Wax Removal Towel, 16 x 16 inches
Regular price: $9.99
Sale price: $4.99
(2 Reviews)
Shine & Buff Waterless Wash Towel
$7.99, 3/$19.99
(2 Reviews)
Carrand "Microfiber MAX" Soft Touch Detailing Towel
Experience the ultimate in luxury detailing with Carrand’s “Microfiber MAX” Soft Touch Detailing Towel
(1 Review)
Sonus Der Wunder Microfiber Polishing Towel, Pkg/2
Quality microfiber polishing towel for a swirl free finish!
(8 Reviews)
Sonus Der Wunder Microfiber Buffing Towel, Pkg/2
Ultra-plush with non-scratch edging for swirl free detailing!
(7 Reviews)
Sonus Der Wunder Microfiber  Drying Towel, Pkg/2
Trade up to the best microfiber drying towels made.
(5 Reviews)