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Level 2, 6-1/2 inch, Metal Polishing Wool Pad

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The highest quality metal polishing and finishing pads on the planet!

These pads have been developed over the last decade by Lake Country Manufacturing for polishing and finishing bare metals, specifically aluminum. They are widely used in the general aviation, aerospace, marine and RV industries at the OEM level. These pads are made to three different levels of "cut" or abrasiveness for use with specific polishes and for specific tasks.

Level Two Pads - The most often used "metal polishing" pad is a 50% cutting blend and a 50% finishing blend. These pads are designed to be used with a medium or fine cut metal polish such as BLACKFIRE Fine Cut Aluminum Polish. Level 2 Pads will remove minor oxidation, haze and dullness and create a bright, chrome-like finish. These pads will quickly brighten chrome and create a "like-new" finish on stainless steel.

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Level 2, 6-1/2 inch, Metal Polishing Wool Pad