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Menzerna Power Finish PO 203 32 oz.

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Menzerna PO203S Power Finish is Menzerna's most versatile polishing compound. Originally designed to a be a one-step solution for OEM plants, Power Finish has become a favorite of detailers looking to achieve the famous Menzerna shine in one step. Menzerna PO203S has the power to remove 2000 grit sanding marks on fresh paint while burnishing the paint to a high shine in one step!

Power Finish cuts fast when used with a rotary or dual action polisher and unlike most polishes this aggressive, Power Finish doesn't require a finer polish as a second step.

Menzerna PO203S uses a combination of precisely milled aluminum oxide abrasives which give this polish a dual personality. When used aggressively with a wool or cutting foam pad Power Finish removes moderate paint damage and eliminates heavy swirl marks. When used with a finer foam pad this polish will burnish the paint to a very high gloss.

Use Menzerna PO203S Power Finish with to remove heavy defects from fresh or soft paint with an aggressive polishing pad. Use Menzerna PO203S Power Finish with a softer polishing or finishing pad to burnish the paint to a higher gloss. Use little product and longer work times for best results. Note: Dark colors and soft paints may benefit from an subsequent polishing step with a dedicated Menzerna finishing polish.

32 oz.